Halloween Spider Bites
Recipe type: Appetizer, Halloween
  • Ritz Crackers (how many depends on how many you want to make)
  • 1 can medium or large olives (depends on how big you want the spider, I used large)
  • 1 can Kraft Easy Cheese (I used cheddar but you could use a spicier flavor if you like)
  1. To make one spider, squirt the cheese on the Ritz Cracker. Cut an olive in half, using one half for the body and the other half you are going to cut into thin slivers for the legs. A spider has eight legs, so you will need eight slivers. If you can't get all the legs out of the half, then cut another olive. Lay the legs on first, spreading them out to appear like the legs of a spider. Lay the other half of the olive on top of the legs and push down a little so the olive will be secure in the cheese.
Recipe by Sugar n' Spice Gals at https://sugar-n-spicegals.com/2013/10/spider-bites.html