Meet Robin

mattbeckywedding-0223Robin is the driving force that keeps the Sugar n’ Spice Gals on track. Robin grew up hanging out at the beaches in sunny California. She later moved to Utah to attend Brigham Young University where she met her husband Dallas and they began their family together.

Her greatest passion in life is being a mother and, recently, a grandmother.  She has dedicated the majority of her time and talents throughout the years towards raising her four kids. This included endless hours in the kitchen whipping up tasty dishes for her family. Her kids will all agree that her experience has made her quite the cook.

Now that her kids are all grown up, she spends most of her time working as a Language Assistant in the school district where she resides. She absolutely loves it! She enjoys working with students of all ages, from preschool to High School, in helping them to learn how to communicate more effectively.

Robin and Kinsley 1

Robin Kinsley Donald Disneyland

In her spare time, she enjoys going to plays, movies, spending quality time with her family, and blogging. She loves being out in the sun in the summer time and spends most of her winters just dreaming of the day when the snow will melt and she can get out in the sun again. She loves Disneyland (more than most) and the beach, and takes any opportunity she can to visit either of the two.

Her husband and children are truly her best friends, and she can’t imagine anything better than being able to blog with her beautiful daughters and share those delicious recipes and experiences with you!

Robin - becky's wedding (whole fam)




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